Educator & Student | Building Confidence

Student and educator at Westwind on the Oregon Coast

Great education starts with great educators.

Trust between student and teacher is the foundation for successful learning. With this trust students achieve Academic Excellence, Emotional Intelligence (social ability), joy in learning, and self-confidence. Summa educators are masters of connection. Teachers play a critical role in facilitating an environment of learning and mutual respect. Creating a successful classroom environment requires trustworthy relationships that provide a safe space for students to take academic risks while learning.

At Summa Academy, successful classroom cultures are built around relationships involving:

  • Trust that students are eager to learn
  • Emotional safety
  • Appreciation of various learning styles with awareness of the student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Communication skill (e.g., teacher with students, with parents/caregivers, and with colleagues)
  • Mutual respect
  • Valuing teacher-parent relationships—communication, and respect
  • Promote positive relationships through modeling