Parents and Teachers Work Together | Portland Independent School

Educator/Parent partnership lies at the heart of Summa Academy.

By focusing on Summa’s philosophy of Natural Learning Relationships, we’re able to create a mutually supportive dialogue between home and school. This dialogue is principally concerned with the development of the child’s well-being: their integrity, resilience, enthusiasm, compassion, social responsibility, courage in facing challenges, intellect, and confidence. When parents and educators understand, appreciate, and support one another, they support optimal well-being for the student and everyone grows together.

Parents and educators begin their relationship by collaborating on the Personal Learning Plan for the student. Throughout the year, parents and educators have regular meetings, educators share bi-weekly student progress statements, and coordinate support of both home and school. At no time is the student without connection.

Summa Academy is unique from other Portland schools in its high regard for home as well as recognizing the critical role parents have in education. In our experience, this leads to both academic and emotional success. The rewards are far-reaching and fulfill the promise made by co-founder Ba Luvmour:

Commitment to the values of knowledge, relationship, family, and child provides the medium in which parents and teachers can communicate clearly and effectively about children. Parents and teachers now have a common vocabulary that is respectful of their concerns and of the child’s needs. Consider the academic benefits:

  • Educator and parent in alignment
  • Curriculum supportive of the student’s development and learning style
  • Coherent values between home and school
  • Relevance and consistency are easily attained

This is not an unattainable utopia. It is realizable here and now and is, in my opinion, an unalienable right of all children.

Parents and students relax together after a fieldtrip.