BRIDGE Program | A Greater Understanding of Natural Learning Relationships

BRIDGE - Building Relationships In Dynamic Group Engagement

Parents play a vital role at Summa Academy. Engaged parents are a huge contributing factor to a student’s academic success. Our parents are committed to personal development, engaging curriculum, and community building. We empower parents to participate in our educational environment and parents commit to the BRIDGE (Building Relationships In Dynamic Group Engagement) Program. The benefits of this are:

  • Family and School Cohesion – a bridge between home and school for parents and educators to work together in support of students
  • Community Connection – a change to build supportive relationships with other Summa families
  • Learning and Personal Enrichment – opportunities for self-growth, greater awareness of brain development, ways of understanding the world, capacities, and potential in each stage of childhood

We achieve this in part through the utilization of Natural Learning Relationships information and concepts, with ongoing dialogue and specific, relevant discussion. Our parents often find BRIDGE invaluable in sustaining a vibrant and connected community. Ongoing participation supports personal and family growth and community cohesion, giving parents the optimal Summa experience.

Summa parents agree to attend monthly parent meetings. We alternate on a monthly basis, meeting either as a whole parent body or in classroom-specific groups (e.g. parents of Explorers (ages 4-6), Sapphires (ages 6-8), Emeralds (ages 8-11), and Onyx (ages 11-14). Through the BRIDGE program we create a learning community where students, educators, and parents thrive.

What Summa parents are saying about the BRIDGE program:

“When I first heard about that the parent meetings were mandatory, I thought, ‘oh no, one more thing to do.’ After attending my first NLR weekend I was hooked. I had so many ‘aah-ha’ moments. Not only are the meetings informative, they are community building.” - Onyx Parent

“I think the value of being in a large group for these sessions is that there are lots of questions I wouldn’t have thought to ask.”  - Alison, mother of 12 year old student

“I just wanted to say how much I loved the parent class last night. It was such a fascinating topic. Our children really are our teachers if we are willing to go there. Thank you for the classes!” - Linda, mother of 11 year old student

“The parent education is phenomenal and the teachers are amazing.” - Sapphire Parent

“The parent nights are really informative and educational.” - Onyx Parent

“Summa Academy is absolutely the best thing that has happened to this family. I feel support from educators, administration, and other families.” -Onyx Parent

“Josette and Albee are truly amazing – we love the parent education nights.” - Emerald Parent

Read the Summa Institute Research Core Report on the 2014-15 BRIDGE program here: