Summa Academy, Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia

A Comparison Table: Summa Academy, Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia

students love the earth

We give a lot of tours at Summa Academy. Parents are so curious to see how we manage to offer personalized learning, and project based learning/field learning, and have small class sizes ensuring that every… Read More » »


Our Culture of Giving

Dear Supporter,

We’re off to an amazing year at Summa Academy! The students are forming learning relationships, our community is growing even stronger, and we’ve welcomed several new families and educators. “It’s been thrilling to see how our educators are bringing their unique… Read More » »

Developing in the Field

Energized by curiosity, students creatively engage the natural world. As students engage, they persist despite challenges and obstacles and take visible delight in their accomplishments. I witness this each year as learning in the field offers students the opportunity to grow and improve… Read More » »

Joy in Education

This blog focuses on the Goal #4 of Summa Academy— An enriched— never diminished—ability to find joy and wonder in themselves, the world, and people around them.

How does joy arise?

When we are respected we know joy. When our gifts are appreciated we know joy. When there is… Read More » »


How Children Can Succeed

Children are more than the sum of their capacities. In this post we will discuss a chief cultural mistake that holds children back. It is through connection to the whole-child that each person’s greatness is allowed to emerge. In relationship to one another’s greatness, we all thrive.… Read More » »


An team built for innovation in education

portlant independent school
Disclosure from Ba: I am exceedingly proud to be a member of the Summa Educator team.

This Wednesday, as every Wednesday, our Summa educator team (which includes Dr. J and Amber) will gather around a question designed to explore some aspect of ourselves at the heart of our practice.… Read More » »

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