Welcome to Summa Academy | K-8 Independent School in Portland, Oregon

Welcome from our Head of School, Amber Kara

Head of School

Hello and welcome to education as it ought to be! Summa is our vision of education for humanity, professional development for our changing world, and the parent support we all deserve as we nurture the next generation. It is our expression of love, truth, and wisdom.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up. And then I grew up. While being a marine biologist was an amazing job, it did not satisfy my desire to affect real and lasting change in the world. No matter how many whales I saved, how many people I shared the wonders of the oceans with, my fellow humans seemed oblivious to the big picture. The one where we were hurting one another and our planet, judging ourselves terribly, and living unfulfilled lives. So I quit my marine biologist job and went back to my roots in education. Children and families, that is where real change is possible.

Twenty years later and here we are. With an independent school in downtown Portland that is exemplary in every way. I am honored to present our work. I am thrilled with my team. I am energized to come to work every day. I know that our students will impart the change that needs to happen in our world. They will leave Summa Academy with the confidence to engage their creativity, the self-awareness to find their true calling in life, and the courage to go out there and make it happen. I am proud of all that we do, and I hope to have the opportunity to share our community with you.

Amber S. Kara